Harness the power of experiential marketing with Identity Events.

Defined as the process of learning through experience, experiential marketing can help you achieve maximum impact when interacting with your customers by letting them see, touch and try your products and services for themselves.

Wow your clients with an immersive live event which not only sells your products and services, but also builds brand awareness and brand advocacy.

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Experiential Marketing

How to do it!

Experiential marketing can be a series of road-show dates, an educational showcase of products and services with tutorials and hands-on activities, or a permanent display, to demonstrate to your clients your latest innovations.

Experiential Marketing


We want to help you harness the power of Experiential events to reach and connect with existing and new clients, to deliver improved customer loyalty and generate more advocates for you.

Experiential Marketing


The principle behind experiential marketing, is that once you can demonstrate to your target audience how using a particular product or service will improve their life, they will become first a client and then an advocate for you.

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Experiential marketing

benefit from our experience

We have extensive experiential marketing expertise, to ensure that your campaign has maximum impact, and will give your customers a unique exciting brand experience.